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Cut to Weight Systems

The weighing system is very important for yield control, since cast sections can vary in weight, based on several factors such as mold life, steel temperature, and casting speed.  The variation in weight per foot of billet can be as much as 2% to 5%.

Cutting to weight, as opposed to cutting to length, optimizes the yield numbers throughout the entire steel-mill operation, and CCR’s cut-to-weight system can result in very significant savings of 1% to 2% in overall yield. 
In a modern, efficient, minimill operation, a modest 1% improvement in yield represents an increase in bottom-line earnings of $ 1,000,000 (one million) dollars per annum.

Please have a look at this PDF version of a presentation developed by Nucor Steel and CCR Technologies entitled "Yield Optimization and Improvements by Cut‐to‐Weight Practice"


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A hot billet is lifted by the weigh pods and the weight recorded in the pulpit microprocessor. The weigh pods then retract and the billet is transferred to the cooling bed. The PLC then compares this recorded weight to the desired weight, and makes the necessary adjustment to optimize the accuracy of successive cuts and hence maximize overall yield in the plant.

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