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Oscillator Systems

The CCR oscillator is designed to operate in a smooth, sinusoidal mode, supplying consistent movement with the minimum of maintenance.



Both the stroke and the frequency can be changed during operation. 
The mould table is counterbalanced, and incorporates air cushioning to ensure a completely back-lash free operation.  Extremely accurate leveling of the mould table is easily achieved using adjustable cams which are built into each end of the short arm rocker pin.

Each oscillator is bench-tested prior to shipment.  A standard CCR oscillation test using a tray of water and a five cent coin on its edge on the mould table – the CCR Nickel Test” - provides concrete evidence of the very smooth and accurate movement of the oscillator.

Click the "play" button to view video of a CCR "Coin-on-its-Edge" test.

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